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Coastal Dura-Board 11'6

Coastal Dura-Board 11'6

If you are looking for durability without compromising weight, performance and good looks, search no further. The Coastal Dura-Board was built for you. This board has a shape that glides on the flat water, surfs small swell, can take more abuse than your average board, and is not a heavy beast to load onto the car. The traditional construction with the addition of a light-weight ABS shell makes this board tough and light-weight at the same time. 


Additional features:

- Ergonomic handle for easy grip during portage

- Thru-hole for cable locking 

- Bungee tie downs on the nose and tail end of the deck for mounting extra gear

- Matte white finished rails (because we know bumps and scuffs happen, so you can repaint these season after season to keep your board looking brand spanking new).

- Leash tie-down point

- Thruster fin setup (use just the center fin for touring, add the smaller side fins for surfing, or put small fins in all three fin boxes for traction while exploring shallow coves. 


Dimensions: 11'6 x 33" 

Volume: 230 Liters


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